Beer Stones - Elevate Your Beer for the Holidays

Beer Stones are a blend of art and science, designed to take a beer poured from a bottle or can and replicate the experience you'd get from a perfectly poured pint at your local pub. Beautifully simple, our unique hand-engraved Beer Stones elevate your beer in a few key ways:  

Beer Stone in a Pilsner Glass Diagram

Beer Stones are reusable, so every pint you pour can enjoy the same special treatment. They are easy to clean, gentle on glassware, and will last for years to come.

Beer Stones come in two fun shapes, the Olive and the Hop. Both work in the exact same way and come in a variety of engraved designs. You can also personalize your Beer Stones with custom designs to suit your style.

The material is polished, architectural grade soapstone. It is both food safe and nonporous, so it requires only surface cleaning.  Made in the USA.