New Video - How To Use Beer Stones

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Here's a quick video I just shot today, showing how to use Beer Stones to make your can or bottle of beer taste more like a draft.

Let me know what you think in the comments!

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Craft Show: Take Two

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The 2017 Spring Festival is coming up very soon!  Brew Muse has a booth again, and we will be in the same location as last year.  We're looking forward to this craft show as we had such a great time meeting everyone last year.  Brew Muse will taking custom orders, as usual, but will also have a large inventory of hops and olives that you'll be able to take home with you, so you can enjoy right away!
We will also have a fun surprise giveaway with every purchase. Stop by to learn what it is!
Hope to see you there!
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To The Grand Canyon

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A few weeks ago we traveled to Arizona for some sun, hiking, and relaxation.  Also on our list of things to do was to try out some of the local brews.
First we visited Arizona Wilderness Brewing, which had an interesting array of beers to choose from.  Bryce ordered Brettanomyces Imperial Stout, and while it smelled like a Cider it tasted unlike anything we’d ever tried before.  Definitely not a beer for everyday drinking, but something unique for those who are more adventurous.
Bryce and Theresa and the Grand Canyon
Later in the week we made the trek up to Grand Canyon National Park, as I have always wanted to go.  On our way we stopped in Williams and had dinner at Historic Brewing Barrel+Bottle House.  We were pleasantly surprised at the great selection of beers, other beverages, and delicious food.  Their branding was on point as well.  I'm not usually into brewery gear, but I seriously considered purchasing a few items.  This place is truly a gem and if you ever find yourself on the way to the Grand Canyon, make sure to check this place out on your way.  Bryce tried the Deer Lord altbier and absolutely loved it.
Bryce trying a Deer Lord beer
We also shared a flight of beers called The Seven Dwarves at the Oak Creek Brewery in Sedona. 
The Seven Dwarves flight of beer styles
Even with all these awesome options, sometimes old standbys like Corona with lime, Modelo, or Pacifico hit the spot on a hot day after a long hike.
Pacifico for Happy Hour after an MLB Spring Training game
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Belgium & Beer

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The last county we visited on our trip was Belgium.  Personally, I was more excited about the chocolate than the beer, but of course I partook in both.  I honestly didn’t know what to expect when it came to Belgium, but I'd heard my brother go on and on about how great the country was, so I was ready to explore.

While we were in Belgium, we stayed with family in a small village outside of Ghent, which meant we got to experience typical Belgium life.  This of course included visiting the local pub.  The place we visited was unassuming, but our cousin assured us that it was the best place for a drink.  The bartender/owner was friendly and knowledgeable about his beer selection and even brought out a not-on-the-menu beer for Bryce to try.  It was the perfect place to start our last week.  

Brtyce with the owner of the local pub in Evergem

Our first beers in Belgium

Belgium was full of delightful charms that I hadn’t anticipated.  For one, their radio stations had the most random and beautiful music selection.  One minute it was ABBA, then the next it was a song from Grease the musical, and finished off with a country love song sung in French.  Pure music bliss.  Another quirk was the fact that every house we visited had automated black out shutters.  These were magical until they automatically opened at 7am.  And finally, the house we stayed at had a group of chickens living next door.  I never realized that I had not had the pleasure of being woken up at 3am by roosters crowing before.  Now I can say I’ve successfully had that experience for an entire week.  

But back to the beer.  

Beautifully poured Bornem Dubbel

We were lucky enough to visit three different breweries during our stay. The first was De Halve Maan in Bruges.  This brewery is becoming famous quickly as it is the first brewery to install an underground pipeline that pumps beer from the brewery to the bottling facility.  

View of Bruges from atop the Brewery de Halve Maan

Tasting Brugse Zot blonde ale after the Brewery tour

The second brewery is a bit more famous.  We took a side trip to Amsterdam and visited the Heineken Brewery.  The actual tour part was short, and the rest was a surreal experience where we were able to explore the European hipster drinking scene, full of interactive displays and discotheque music.  From this tour we quickly realized that Europeans are in two camps: one loves Heineken beer and the other loathes it and says it’s not beer, but just good marketing.  

Heineken Brewery in Amsterdam

Our last brewery was a local place near the village we were staying in.  We had a personalized tour at Van Steenberge Brewery and were able to see their newly expanded brewing facility and learn about their environmentally responsible kegs.  This was one of the first breweries I had been to where they specifically touched on how they are trying to be environmentally friendly in their brewing.  

Needless to say, we very much enjoyed our time in Belgium and will definitely be back again.  

Bryce and Theresa in Belgium

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Munich Beer Gardens

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This is Part 2 of our series on beer in Europe.  For part one, read Adventures in Norway!

When I think of Germany, I think of beer. I don’t really know when this started.  Was it before I met Bryce?  After?  No idea, but that’s the way it is.  Which means when I was planning our time in Munich, I knew there would be lots of beer related activities on our itinerary.

First German Beer Garden

Now, I’m going to be honest here.  Sometimes, I get tired of going to breweries.  There, I said it.  They all seem the same, the décor is sparse, and there isn’t always food (I really like food).  But in Germany I very much enjoyed going to pubs and breweries and I think the reason is because everyone is incredibly proud of their beer.  Like, really proud.  And I love it when people are passionate about what they enjoy.

Liter Mug of Helles

We went on a Bavarian Beer tour, visited several beer gardens, and spent time in countless pubs trying every beer we could get our hands on.  They even had a German version of a summer shandy, better known as a radler.  

German Beer and Pretzel

German beer history is vast and very specific.  You can find more information here about German beer styles such as Oktoberfest (also known as Marzen).  I won’t bore you with the details.  Instead, I’ll share some of our pictures with you.






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