Beer Stones are great, but don’t take our word for it! Read what other say about our masterfully crafted stones.

  • "Made a great gift for my father in law who is a beer enthusiast! Impressed by how well they worked and packaging was spot on!" 

  • "This was an excellent decision! My husband loved it. It really does foam up like from a tap! He even said he tasted a difference. I'm definitely recommending this to friends!" 

  • "Bought these for my beer snob husband and he LOVES them. He was skeptical at first, but then I reminded him how he always says beer from a tap is soooo much better than canned/bottled, so he might as well give it a try. He did and he now uses one with EVERY beer at home. He says he's incredibly impressed at what a difference these little stones make. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!"

  • "These stones really do imitate a great draft beer at the bar. Keeps the foam going and your beer cold (if you store them in the freezer). They look great and are a unique gift!"

  • "When I purchased this for a college graduation gift back in May and there were few reviews (maybe 4), I was hesitant to make the purchase. Thankfully I did because it is the best gift for any beer lover! My brother and sister-in-law use theirs every time they have a beer and have mentioned how great they are on several occasions. I then purchased them for good friends and now have people asking me about where they can buy these beer stones! Excited to have a great gift to purchase over and over again for any future occasions!"
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