Craftsman's Story

Bryce Bunkers

Hi. I’m Bryce Bunkers, and I love beer. 

I also know that beer can always be better, so I wanted to create a way to take any ordinary bottled or canned beer and make it taste, smell, look and feel like a beer poured from one of my local brew pubs or craft breweries. I wanted to enjoy a perfect pint at home, but I didn’t want to install a home bar – well, actually my wife just wouldn’t allow it.

My professional background in mechanical engineering, product design, and industrial design, paired with my passion for all things beer gave me the confidence to create a product development plan then take my concept to production.

After prototyping and testing, and getting successful support through our Kickstarter Campaign - Beer Stones were born! Beer Stones are a single, portable accessory made from polished soapstone. When placed in a pint of beer, they elevate the drinking experience and make each glass feel like it is expertly poured.

From first sip to last, Beer Stones provide active carbonation release in your glass. Beer Stones provide a beautiful fluffy head and enhanced flavor and aroma compounds. They decrease unwanted acidity and reduce pesky unwanted gas, so you feel less bloated. And, if you store them in the freezer, they will also help to keep your beer colder. All of this from a humble soapstone.

Beer Stones are handcrafted in Minneapolis, out of true passion for beer and a desire for that perfect pint. I hope you enjoy using them as much as I do.