Craftsman's Story

Hello Beer Lovers!

Crafted by a mechanical engineer with a profound love for beer, Beer Stone was born from a desire to elevate the canned beer experience to the level of a freshly poured pint from your favorite local bar or craft brewery, all within the confines of your chosen bottle. With Beer Stone, relish the pleasure of a flawless pint in the comfort of your own home.

Each Beer Stone is a single, portable accessory meticulously fashioned from polished soapstone. Simply place it in your pint of beer to instantly elevate your drinking experience, imparting the sensation of expertly poured brew.

From the initial sip to the final drop, Beer Stones ensure active carbonation release, a luscious fluffy head, and intensified flavor and aroma. They also lessen acidity and reduce unwanted gas, minimizing a bloated sensation. Moreover, when stored in the freezer, they maintain beer temperature, delivering an even more refreshing experience.

Handcrafted with care in Lakeville, Beer Stones are a testament to our genuine passion for beer and our relentless pursuit of the perfect pint. We trust you'll derive as much pleasure from using them as we do in crafting them.

Brew Muse