Give The Gift Of Craft Beer!

Beer Stones in beerWe all know the way to anyone’s heart is through beer. Okay, maybe not anyone, but we sure like to think so! Beer Stones from Brew Muse are a great, unique great gift for any brew-loving friend or family member. 
Designed to take a beer poured from a bottle or can and replicate the experience you'd get from an expertly poured pint at your local pub, Beer Stones elevate beer in 5 key ways.
    1. Hold a fluffy, lacy head of froth from first sip to the last
    2. Enhance flavor and aroma with active carbonation
    3. Decrease unwanted acidity, making for a smoother tasting beer
    4. Reduce the amount of gas ingested, making beer less filling
    5. Keep beer colder without diluting it     
    Beer Stones are reusable, so every pint poured can enjoy the same special treatment. They are easy to clean, will last for years, and come in two fun shapes - the Olive and the Hop!